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Monday, January 10, 2011

Update on Anglican Use in Japan

This is an update to my previous post Rome-leaning Anglicans in Japan

Over on the Groups of Anglicans forum at The Anglo Catholic, Russ of the Nippon Kirisuto Sei Ko Kai, the Traditional Anglican Communion affiliate in Japan, has been updating me about things there.  He writes:
[Archbishop John Hepworth, primate of the Traditional Anglican Communion (TAC)] will be here for our Eucharist in Yokohama on February 11, which is a Friday and Japanese national holiday. There will probably be a meeting after the service. I don't know details, but I'm sure he will share information since we are all dying for news. Anything he says at the meeting will probably be in English followed by Japanese interpreter (so I will have the advantage of hearing everything twice). That's all I know, but anyone living in Japan who wants to know more can contact the folks on our web site.
This is indeed good news.  I urge anyone in Japan to get in touch with Russ either directly through the Groups of Anglicans Forum or through his church's website (in Japanese only but Google Translate will translate it for you). I am sure that anyone interested is welcome to attend the eucharist.

Strictly speaking under Anglicanorum Coetibus, Anglican Ordinariates will only be set up by country in countries with a critical mass of members, and will only extend to the borders of those countries.  It is unclear what the relationship will be between the Ordinariates and communities like us in the Philippines or like Russ's in Japan where such a critical mass is unlikely to be reached.  I am sure arrangements are being made and TAC members in Japan and similar countries will find out in due course.  Perhaps Russ will have more to report after Archbishop Hepworth's visit. Whatever arrangements are made there might or might not affect the Philippines.  We of course be following events.

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