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Thursday, March 31, 2011

No greater love hath a Filipino....

Photo courtesy of the Manila Times
The recent executions of three Filipino overseas workers convicted of drug trafficking charges in China has made the nation reflect on its future as a people. Filipinos are found everywhere on this planet. They often are serving others as skilled, semi skilled or unskilled workers. Not a few are professionals managing enterprises. A lot are health workers and some are teachers.

They have a common bond to each other and that is they are working to provide a better future for their families. In many cases this laudable goal is unrealized and they have to do illegal and criminal activities such as being drug mules.

The conduct of the three according to what we read in the press is remarkable. Faced with death, they asked for forgiveness and they always emphasized that they did this for their family.

Of course, what they did is considered a crime under the law, but by accepting their guilt may they be rewarded by Christ, who pardoned the Good Thief.

Christ bore the crimes of the guilty as well as the sins of the innocent. No greater love hath a man... a Filipino...

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