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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Rowan Cantuar finally nails his true colours

The guy in red is the only one on earth that understands him!
The Anglo-Catholic Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, of whom I much admire, has finally nailed his true colours to the fence, by vowing not to allow same sex unions in Anglican churches. He finally admitted that he will stick to what the Bible says about marriage, and that is marriage is between a man and a woman full stop!

However Rowan's critics have said that it is little too late. After years of waffling on homosexual issues and unions and "The Body's Grace", it has been hard to convince them, most of them Anglicans, about this latest waffle. Rowan belongs to another church, the Rowan Catholic Church!

But as a Catholic, I do detect that despite the trademark Rowan and Anglican ambiguity, something faithful to the Magisterium is coming out of Rowan lately. I started looking more into Rowan's theology after he gave that magnificent Catholic homily at a Mass in Lourdes. Not many Catholics are aware that Rowan is resolutely anti-abortion, saying "It is impossible to view abortion other than a deliberate attempt to end a human life". He is against euthanasia and voluntary suicide.

Even "The Body's Grace" admits what faithful Roman Catholics have known all along that if a church admits the legitimacy of contraception, then it follows that it will admit other faith positions inconsistent with the Bible and tradition.

Now what do we make of Rowan Cantuar? Anglican critics from the liberals to the conservative have all but abandoned him. In fact there is a big dose truth to the rumor that his best friend Pope Benedict XVI is the only theologian on the planet that understands in what he believes in!

Methinks Rowan is too good for the Anglican Communion (and I think too for the Roman Catholic communion!)  Anglicans have suggested he goes to a monastery, confess his sins and lead a cloistered life (of which Rowan has said in an interview that he had an attraction to).  But with Rowan finally showing the Catholic he is, it may be best for him if he would revert from being Archbishop of a disintegrating communion and lead the life of a simple Reverend Father. But this time in the Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham! I'm sure his best friend won't object!

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