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Monday, May 23, 2011

"England will find her way back to me"

Many years ago, an Anglo-Catholic friend gave me as a birthday present a book which contains all the messages of Our Lady of All Nations. The book has the nihil obstat and imprimatur of the Archdiocese of Westminster. It is known that the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to a Dutch woman, Ms. Ida Peerdeman, just as the Second World War was ending in 1945. Her visions of the Virgin lasted until 1959 and from that time on, she had inner locutions and Eucharistic experiences which lasted until 1984. Ms Peerdeman died in 1996 and throughout these years was under the care of a Catholic priest as her spiritual director. The Diocese of Haarlem in the Netherlands declared the visions as worthy of belief

The messages of Our Lady of All Nations focused on forming a human community and brotherhood that we may have peace. It is only in this manifestation that the Holy Virgin Mary specifically mentioned the Anglican Church that she may remain a communion while being drawn into unity by the Pope of Rome. The Virgin did not say that the Anglican communion (in the visions shown as the spires of the churches of England) must be absorbed but that it must be drawn closer to Rome for it to be saved. Ms. Peerdeman had visions showing the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Pope in Westminster Abbey with the Pope extending a blessing to the Anglican bishops. But the Virgin said that much change will befall the Anglican Church and that Rome must be forewarned. She did not say what these changes are.

When I first read the book in the 1990s, these messages did not make sense, but with the disintegration of Anglicanism and  Anglicanorum  coetibus it now does and the prophecy has been fulfilled. In September 2010, Pope Benedict XVI and the Archbishop of Canterbury prayed at Westminster Abbey and the Pope gave his blessing to the clergy of the Church of England. At that moment the Anglican Communion was being drawn closer to Rome, who first sent the missioners to convert the English.

It appears that the Blessed Virgin Mary will restore what was lost at the Reformation through the Anglicans and this has started with Lutherans beginning to follow the Anglicans to communion with Rome.

The prophecies also allude to the non humanist secularism that has engulfed Europe and now is in the Philippines. They also allude to a pontiff that would lead the struggle against it. This is no one but Benedict XVI. And this may be the reason why the Blessed Virgin has specifically challenged England, who by her Christian foundations nurtured and guaranteed liberty which we in the Philippines too enjoy though our inheritance from the United States.

The Lady said referring to the Anglican Church and England " Religion will have a hard struggle and they want to tread it under foot. This will be done so cunningly that scarcely anyone will notice it."  I believe this is a warning of the non secular humanism and relativistic humanism that has engulfed Europe, America and even the Philippines. The visions also refer to the Anglican churches which the Blessed Virgin encloses in an iron hoop and writes above them the words " Brotherly Love", "Justice" and "Truth". The Lady said that this has not yet come about and then points at Rome reminding the See of Rome that the Anglicans should practice these virtues in the fullest sense. In these visions it appears that the Anglicans must be brought nearer to the Roman See if they are to remain a communion.

The Virgin commands in English "England, you must return to the Highest!, the Highest!".

The prophecies are fulfilled for Pope Benedict XVI sounded his battle call at the birthplace of English liberties at Westminster Hall. England must return to its Christian foundations or else we lose our liberties. This is something I have blogged about and some people didn't get what I mean.

[Is Benedict XVI the elderly German archbishop alluded to in this struggle? He as head of the CDF has staunchly resisted moral relativism. It is now beginning to make sense!]

In this whole story, the Anglicans will definitely at the centre. The  Church of England has the obligation to defend the Christian foundation of England from non humanistic secularism which has affected it. The Church of England will have to return to its Biblical foundations. The Anglican Church too must return to the Highest!

The Blessed Virgin is traditionally known as the Queen of Prophets. She in this way has been for us the Prophet of the Anglican Ordinariates.

The prayer for the intercession of Our Lady of All Nations is

Lord Jesus Christ,
Son of the Father,
send now Your Spirit over the earth.
Let the Holy Spirit live
in the heart of all nations,
that they may be preserved from
degeneration,disaster and war.
May the Lady of All Nations,who once was Mary,
be our Advocate.

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